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Are your winter tires still good?

Many of us switch to winter tires for improved handling in the snow and ice, but over time they wear down and the rubber becomes stiffer so they lose their advantage over regular tires. Following our article last month on the costs and benefits of winter tires (https://sukhuinsurance.ca/resource-centre/winter-tires-and-your-auto-insurance/), this month we’ll discuss some indicators on whether our winter tires are…

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Winter tires and your auto insurance

As we head into winter in Ontario, people are making the switch over to their winter tires for improved handling in the snow and ice. However not everyone uses them, as some people make due with all-season or all-weather tires. Following our recent article on how claims and tickets affect your insurance rates (https://sukhuinsurance.ca/resource-centre/how-claims-and-tickets-affect-your-auto-insurance), today we explore one of the…

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Car Insurance during the Covid-19 Pandemic

This is an unprecedented situation, and our priority is supporting our community so we are committed to maintaining our consistent service levels so you can focus on your family and well-being. Canada’s Insurance industry has responded to the pandemic to reduce the impact in our communities and on our burdened healthcare system. The goals have been to flatten the curve…

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