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Car Insurance during the Covid-19 Pandemic

coronavirus insurance relief

This is an unprecedented situation, and our priority is supporting our community so we are committed to maintaining our consistent service levels so you can focus on your family and well-being.

Canada’s Insurance industry has responded to the pandemic to reduce the impact in our communities and on our burdened healthcare system. The goals have been to flatten the curve in spreading Covid-19 through physical distancing, and to help ease the financial burden the situation has placed on customers and businesses.

Protecting our communities through physical distancing:

  • Brokers and Insurers have closed their doors and no longer take in-office visits, implementing work-from-home strategies to limit person-to-person physical contact
  • Insurance companies have ramped up telephone and Internet support to maintain continuous, high levels of service for our customers and businesses
  • Support staff who conduct on-site claims investigation have implemented protocols to limit physical contact, while still maintaining service levels and turnaround times
  • Companies like Sukhu Insurance Brokers continue to use electronic documents for signatures and forms, making it possible to get coverage and make changes without needing to physically meet to sign paperwork

Helping our customers who are under financial strain:

  • Insurers are offering flexible payment options such as allowing customers to arrange payment deferrals
  • Companies have been more forgiving toward missed payments, however it is preferable to pre-arrange payment deferrals to stay in control of your finances
  • Customers who have been driving less can call their Brokers to review their vehicle usage, to see how they might be able to save on their car insurance premium during this time
  • There are other company-specific options available, please contact your Broker to discuss your situation and what applies to you


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am not driving to work now, can I cancel my auto insurance policy to save money?

A: Cancelling coverage would create a gap of insurance in your history, and could affect your eligibility and rates when you want to reopen a new policy. It’s better to call your Broker to discuss options available to reduce your rates during this time.

Q: What should I do if I need to file a claim?

A: The claims teams are working hard to provide the same coverage 24/7, while implementing safe protocols to maintain physical distancing. You can file a claim online with some carriers, otherwise you can call the toll-free number on your liability slips. Some companies also provide up-to-the-minute claims information on their dedicated smartphone app.

Q: I am now running my business from home or making deliveries in my car to make ends meet, how will this affect my insurance policies?

A: Insurers understand that the pandemic has affected how we use our homes and vehicles and are being flexible with accommodating these changes, but it’s best to speak with your Broker about any significant changes to your usage.

Q: I am enrolled in the Intact My Drive program and driving a lot less than normal, will this automatically help me with my rates?

A: Yes! Savings will be reflected at your next update so you don’t need to do anything special. One of the advantages of this usage-based program is that it works seamlessly in the background to reflect your driving habits and deliver savings tailored to you. If you’re not already enrolled, please contact us and we will be glad to help you with that.

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